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May 04 2018

GVK Metal Workshop

GVK Metal Workshop is going to held on __/__/___ . Please come and join.


Product applications

GVK offers complete solution for Metal forming. Our product range includes:-

Optics and Consumables for Co2 Lasers

Spare parts, Cutting Heads, Optics and Consumables for Fiber Lasers

Punching and Forming tools for all ypes of CNC Turret Punch presses

Bending tools and Clamping systems for all Types of CNC Press Brakes

Thin sheet and Thick Plate special application Bending Tools

Tools for Special/Complicated shapes, Mark Free Bending

Flat Sheet Deburring, Polishing and Edge Rounding Machines

Precision Sheet and Part Levelling Machines

V-Grooving Machines


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